Guest contribution in Trend Report.
Recently, Dominik Brokelmann contributed an article to Trend Report. The article focusses on the latest developments regarding the Connected Store. Title of the article: How distributors and buying cooperatives can keep adding value. Continue reading here

Report by Bitkom: Online retail keeps growing

According to a newly released report, which had been commissioned by Bitkom, the IT industry’s peak body, all internet users in Germany purchase products online – with 77% of them doing so more than once a month. The share of active internet users among the elderly (65 years and up) grew significnatly from 88% to 97%, further boosting the growth of online retailing.
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Brodos supports the launch of Vodafone-branded products in ‘Kabel Deutschland’ franchised shops with its kiosks

Since early August, Brodos has been supporting a smooth launch of the sale of Vodafone and otelo products in selected ‘Kabel Deutschland’ franchised shops. Brodos is supplying PoS material, marketing collateral, digital signage, on-the-ground training and tailored promotional packages. By using the ERP and kiosk, the franchisees are well equipped for marketing mobility products supplied by Vodafone. In an interview, André Einhaus shares the details of this project. Continue reading here

The book “The Connected Store” is available in book shops and online starting October 5th.

Bricks and mortar retail is facing massive challenges. Consumer behaviour is changing, and all of us buying more and more online. This puts bricks and mortar retail under pressure, and aggressive tactics of the likes of Amazon & Co are very damaging to independent retailers and dealers. My book “The Connected Store”, which will be published on the 5th of October in print and online form, charts a path for bricks-and-mortar retailers, using retailing of mobile phone products as a case study. It maps out how traditional retailing has to leverage elements of the Connected Store to move retailing back from ‘online’ to the local level, and how to combine the best of both worlds for the benefit of consumers. Continue reading here