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Consumer behaviour is rapidly changing and we are doing more and more of our purchasing online. Amazon & Co. are have a devastating effect on traditional “bricks and mortar” retail. It is small and medium retailers as well as buying cooperatives, and their respective landlords, who are raising the alarm. The book “The Connected Store” demonstrates why consumers have started combining online and offline channels a long time ago, and how “bricks and mortar” retail needs to adapt in order to stay relevant. The author debunks the myth that only the large “pure play” online retailers can successfully offer e-commerce. Using the retailing of wireless devices as a case study, Dominik demonstrates how truly “connected” stores can compete on a local and regional level with the e-commerce giants, and how consumers will benefit from the combination of online and offline retailing.

Book reviews

Many leading retail and industry experts have reviewed the book and have provided their feedback. Please find their commentary below.

“Worth reading! Once you have read the book, you can immediately start shaping the future of cross-channel retailing yourself.”
Christoph Vilanek – CEO freenet AG
“This book is a mustread for everyone who wants to future-proof his stores. It does not just paint a vision on paper, but provides a proven concept that has already been successfully put into practice, written in an entertaining style appealing to practitioners.”
Peter Walz – Director Consumer Retail and Service Partner Sales at Vodafone
“Your strategic advisor if you managed a chain of stores”
Dr. Jörg Ehmer - CEO Apollo Optik
“The Connected Store” is a stimulating contribution to the discussion about the future of retailing in the digital age: informative, well-founded and worth reading.”
Roland Bernhard, editor in chief of Telecom Handel
“Absolutely worth reading – combining online and offline as an opportunity for the retail trade”
Gerhard Sturm,Sony Mobile/Vice President Europe
“This book is a MUST – and not just for specialized and/or independent retailers. It brings to the fore an issue that touches all of us, all the way down to how we think and act as consumers. No-one can avoid this discussion, but as always: early bird catches the worm!”
 Martin Börner – Deputy President & Corporate VP Samsung Electronics GmbH
“The author could not have described more fittingly the challenges and issues facing modern retail today, which is transitioning towards genuine cross-channel retailing.”
Benedict Kober – Spokesman of the Board, EURONICS Deutschland eG
“This books offers several very tangible tools for retailers to tacke the challenges posed by online retailing.”
Klaus Hellmich – Managing Director GALERIA Kaufhof GmbH, responsible for Multichannel Retail
“This book should give every retailer hope for the future. It gives a very clear description of omni-channel approaches and shows that the age of bricks-and-mortar retail is not nearly over yet.”
Michael Schuld – Head of Communication and Sales Marketing Telekom Germany.
“Compulsory reading for retailers and the entire industry”
Charles Fränkl – CEO Smartfrog
“A book of huge practical relevance – showing the way forward for retailing inthe telecommuncations industry”
Achim Weniger – member of the board of Vedes AG
“Clear analysis – clear visions – implementation-oriented approach. Definitely worth reading in order to understand the problems faced by bricks and mortar retailers and to explore possible solutions.”
Dr. Wolfgang Neumann – Member of the Board of PAUL HARTMANN AG

About the author

Dominik Brokelmann is the founder and CEO of the Brodos group. The group headquarters are based in Baiersdorf (near Nuremberg/Germany), with branches in Berlin, USA, Hong Kong and Russia and a location in India.

With his visionary mindset, Dominik Brokelmann is the author of numerous blog contributions and regularly speaks at industry events. Over the years, his access to top management of the industry, both as an important business partner and as a supplier to all types of retailers, has allowed him to gain an in-depth view of the transformation taking place in the retail sector. His frequent trips to Asia and North America to attend trade fairs and congresses or to meet customers, have formed the basis of the continued development of the Brodos group and its strategy for years.

Dominik Brokelmann jump-started his career by importing cordless phones from the US and China and re-selling them in his store in Nuremberg/Germany, whilst still studying to become a mechanical engineer. Over the course of more than 20 years as an entrepreneur, he and his team have made Brodos one of the largest and most important distributors of mobile communications in Germany, with turnover in excess of 400 million euros (FY 15/16).

Its customers range from small mobile communications shops, to large consumer electronics stores, to the heavyweights in the e-commerce branch, as well as more than half of all companies listed on the German stock exchange. Brodos is an official distributor of leading manufacturers (including Samsung, Sony, Nokia, LG and Huawei) and network operators (Telekom, Vodafone, Telefónica) in Germany, supplying approximately 5,000 listed specialist retailers.

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