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Book reviews

“Worth reading! Once you have read the book, you can immediately start shaping the future of cross-channel retailing yourself.”
Christoph Vilanek – CEO freenet AG
“Anyone who wants to make their stores fit for the future should read this book: Visions not only on paper, but which have already been successfully put into practice, written in an entertaining style appealing to practitioners.”
Peter Walz – Director Consumer Retail and Service Partner Sales at Vodafone
“Your strategic advisor if you managed a chain of stores”
Dr. Jörg Ehmer - CEO Apollo Optik
“The Connected Store” is a stimulating contribution to the discussion about the future of retailing in the digital age: informative, well-founded and worth reading.”
Roland Bernhard, editor in chief of Telecom Handel
“Absolutely worth reading – combining online and offline as an opportunity for the retail trade”
Gerhard Sturm – Sony Mobile/Vice President Europe
“This book is a MUST – and not just for specialized and/or independent retailers. It brings to the fore an issue that touches all of us, all the way down to how we think and act as consumers. No-one can avoid this discussion, but as always: the early bird catches the worm!”
 Martin Börner – Deputy President & Corporate VP Samsung Electronics GmbH
“The author could not have described the challenges and issues facing the retail sector on the way towards genuine cross-channel retailing any more accurately than he has in his book “The Connected Store”.”
Benedict Kober – Spokesman of the Board, EURONICS Deutschland eG
“This books offers several tangible tools for retailers to tacke the challenges posed by online retailing.”
Klaus Hellmich – Managing Director GALERIA Kaufhof GmbH, responsible for Multichannel Retail
“This book should give every retailer hope for the future. It gives a very clear description of omni-channel approaches and shows that the age of bricks-and-mortar retail is not nearly over yet.”
Michael Schuld – Head of Communication and Sales Marketing Telekom Germany.
“Compulsory reading for retailers and the entire industry”
Charles Fränkl – CEO Smartfrog
“A book of huge practical relevance – showing the way forward for retailing inthe telecommuncations industry”
Achim Weniger – member of the board of Vedes AG
“Clear analysis – clear visions – implementation-oriented approach. Definitely worth reading in order to understand the problems faced by bricks and mortar retailers and to explore possible solutions.”
Dr. Wolfgang Neumann – Member of the Board of PAUL HARTMANN AG